How it all began

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How it all began

Post  Deshawn_Omar on Mon Jan 14, 2013 2:56 am

Chapter I - Retaliation

In the 3rd of may, 1969 the Idelwood riots broke out after the beating of an African American citizen by racist anchorites.
This was what made the Black Panthers really take a hold of their movement, parading and selling their ways to the youth, all though when the Black Panthars died out the new generation of Black children tried to mimic the ways of the Black Panthers, they came out with the Crips – The Crips spread around Los Santos quickly and soon came to Las Ventures.
The Crips gained a lot of members across the projects and the less well off places in the inner-city Las Ventures, promising respect and money. They terrorized the schools, starting fights with lots of pupils whom weren’t apart of them, threatening them so that they joined. In retaliation the not yet affiliated pupils made a group of their own, naming it after their street “93 Koa Ave Block”.

They all were there for each other in the time of needs, they fought with Crips when they were ‘stepped on’ and loan money to friends if they needed it – As the Crips wore blue and represented themselves for wearing blue, the others wore Red instead; labeling themselves as “Bloods”: Symbolizing that they’re both they same blood and are brothers and sisters of such.

Chapter II – New ways of making money

Back in then in the 70’s being with a set was to keep you town or your street down; and to protect it. Then the popularity of Marijuana and the introduction Crack cocaine rapidly raising, gangs found a new way to make money; they mostly went for Crack Cocaine as it was easier and quicker to produce.

The Bloods and the Crips found themselves in an on going turf war: Whom ever controlled the street controlled the drug inflow on that street – They soon found themselves having to protect the turf using serious methods!

Chapter III – Things getting heated

Once the drug trade grew and grew, the members of the gangs ended up with a lot of money, leaving them to spend it on anything they want; most of which bought weapons and more drugs with their profits.
As the drugs scene grew more and more popular it saw even small children getting involved with it, from the ages of 10-14 were getting into the dealing; as of the easy nature of getting the cocaine and making it into Crack, something that only takes a five minutes with double the profit.

Once the children then got the money for the weapons it then gathered into a big rainfall of shootings; young children trying to prove themselves from both sides, Crips and Bloods.


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