How to lay out your' SS thread -Everyone who's RPing with us at the miniute read-

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How to lay out your' SS thread -Everyone who's RPing with us at the miniute read-

Post  Deshawn_Omar on Tue Jan 15, 2013 5:22 am

Just a little reminder, anyone may post here; you don't need to be apart of the group.

What you do need however is SSs of your RP with the bloods.
If you've only got the one and you don't plan on getting in deep RP (RPing with us on a semi-regular bases; meaning you'll have a few Screen shots of RP to provide) then just send them to me via ether this forum message or MT-G's forum: If I think they're really good then I'll place them up on the Thread's post of the Screenshots on the actual main post, the rest will most likely be on the Deshawn "Ace" Omar Screen shots post.

How to make a thread?

It's pretty simple just press the new thread button on the screenshots section.
When you do that enter for the title as "Firstname "Alais"(Optional) Lastname's" and then choose between "Screenshots/Gallery".

When you're posting the Screenshots please use the "Spoiler" option then place your screenshots to avoid any overflowing of images. (To get the "Spoiler" option go to the 'Others' dialog box on the top bar when making a thread then go down on the pop-up box and click on spoiler)

Also, before posting your screen shots it's advised to re size them and edit them slightly; so that every SS you look at isn't jammed with loads of massive pictures. This is optional though, but it's advised.


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